Kiteschool  Cumbuco  
Luctor et Emergo

About us

Kiteschool Cumbuco is a kiteschool located in Boutique Hotel 0031 since 2017.

Under the wings of SportSapo we started to teach our first students. Since then the kiteschool started to run and soon we were working with certified instructors from Europe who came to Cumbuco to give lessons and enjoy the perfect conditions for kitesurfing.

Kiteschool Cumbuco stands out in the way of teaching. Personal interest in the client, respect and having fun is priority. Together with an easy and relaxing way of teaching we manage to get a lot of people riding. We believe in private teaching. Only when there is no other option we combine classes. Always in good consultation with the student.

We teach at a local beach outside Cumbuco without crowds and less waves, which is perfect for learning.

Kiteschool Cumbuco is working with two fixed instructors, Marijn and André


Team Kiteschool Cumbuco

Marijn Henderikx

Marijn Henderikx

Position CEO and kite-instructor

About Marijn is born and raised in the Netherlands and living in Cumbuco for almost 5 years. He is the owner of the kiteschool and he can teach in Dutch, English and Portugese.

André Puntel

André Puntel

Position Kite- instructor

About André is Brazilian and living in Cumbuco in high-season. Kitesurfing is his way of life and you feel this in the way he is teaching. Always smiling and a lot of enthousiasm. André is teaching in English and Portugese

Marijn and André are both IKO certificated instructors and now working with the VDWS model.